• 61 to 68 cm

    at the withers in males

  • 57-64 cm

    at the withers bitches

  • Pedigree

    Developed in the early 20th century in Germany based on already existing rocks cops — poodle-pointer, rough-haired pointing dog, Korthals Griffon


    In German "drathaar" means wire-haired, but in our country me call them in a different way: German wire-haired pointer.

Drathaar or German Wirehaired pointer is a breed of hunting dogs

  • Ears

    Average size, usually not cropped

  • Color

    Dark brown with grey in it. Also lately appeared in Russia, this breed of dog with black piebald coloration.

  • Tail

    It is appropriate to stop for hunting purposes (in countries where docking is prohibited by law, the tail can remain intact and should reach to the hock, holding straight or slightly saber-like).

The character and behavior

The standard of the breed drathaar described as "smart, energetic hunter". Most dogs are quite wary of strangers – tests for these dogs in Germany include the protection of the things the owner!

The cops strong – willed and determined dogs which need a firm and experienced owner

Very neat and squeamish people should not have dogs of this breed: these animals are carelessly eating and drinking, their beard after a meal will have to be put in order.
Alone pet may indulge in destructive activities and bark.

It is not recommended to have these dogs as a companion if the owners do not have time and the desire of many to walk the dog, hunt and participate in competitions.

Dogs of this breed can't be "just Pets".


  • Relationships with children

    Drathaar gets along well with grown children but not very suitable for playing with children because of its frequent tendency to "rough" games, especially in youth. Aggression the dog shows, but sparkle can push on and lay the baby down.

  • Relationship with animals

    Many individuals are prone to dominance, aggression to peers, particularly his gender. In addition, drathaar, like many hunting breeds is not always able to control his instincts "pursuit of game". He likes to chase cats, chickens and other small animals, especially if she runs away.

  • Care

    Daily care of these simple pointers:

    • Regular cleaning cloth or a special brush
    • Wash your dog is recommended only when necessary
    • Plucking dead hair with a special tool. However, this relatively complicated procedure is conducted several times a year, usually performed by a professional


    This pointer can be independent, so it's important to be persistent and consistent, and not back off when the dog shows misbehavior. However, you must remember that the combination of mechanical stress on the dog should be met with positive reinforcements! Now this breed has been used in search and rescue service. This is a really great work in which finds a way a dog's love to people, aspiration to the physical exercise and mental activities

    Physical activity

    Drathaar is an energetic dog that requires large physical exertion. He will make an excellent companion for lovers of Jogging or slow Cycling. This dog loves to swim, and this is also a good way to release energy. It loves to work and appreciates a person's attention.

    In addition to participating in hunting tests, it can successfully compete in competitions in tracking work, obedience, agility.


    HUNTING the Hard coat is enough to protect it from adverse weather conditions, so that the dog became very popular among hunters all over the world.

    Dog-universal: can be used in the hunt for a bird or a large animal (boar). The dog is to detect prey and to notify the owner, making the "rack". Also, in the case of a large animal, the dog distracts his attention by barking, giving the hunter the opportunity to kill the beast. If the production uses a smaller beast or bird, the dog used to retrieve shot prey inaccessible to humans places (shrub or pond). Hunters appreciate drathaar for versatility, although it is believed that in the field it is somewhat inferior to the English cops. This is the best choice for everyday hunting. The average drahthaar live 12-14 years.